Hello personas!

I’m raising up this blog due to a own need that I was having. That then I discovered was not only mine.

In this place, it’s my intention to give you my own translations and interpretations of MEJIBRAY posts in their SNS as to some other relative ones that can appear time to time from other Jrockers/Stores/Magazines/etc interacting with them. For now…
I will start for posting some old translations  (more or less since July)… I can’t back more than that because would take me ages and I didn’t save them in a document, them are just in a chat box. Also, there will be on-time and on-going posts. Be patient, please.

Please, I would appreciate that you could take a look on About Mejibray’s Sign and… well, if you want you can take a look too on About Me (both on the top bar).

I hope to be at the level of be able to please you with my work.
I will always do my best.